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[HOW TO] Incubate 1.instar Scorpling

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Topic [HOW TO] Incubate 1.instar Scorpling

Post by GS on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:59 pm

[HOW TO] Incubate 1.instar Scorpling

Alright... things couldn't have been better. Your beloved scorpion had a brood Very Happy

Parabuthus liosoma

Rhopalurus junceus

But the unfortunate thing was that one (can be a few or an entire brood) was left abandoned on the substrate.

What can you do ??

An "X-ray" view on the abandoned group on the right:

You may consider the following steps:

Preparing the incubator:

- Bedding-wise, i would recommend using tissue as it's clean and able to retain moisture with a lid on the container

- I did NOT use Cotton as bedding as it may pose a threat of entangling the 1.instar (as they might crawl around in search for a comfortable position)

- Coco fibre substrate is not preferred either, as they may contain undesirable microscopic substances that may harm the fragile young

- Mist the bedding adequately but NOT to the point of soaking wet

- As long it is moist to the touch, it would be fine

- Having some mist along the enclosure's wall will be ideal too

- Ventilation holes are preferred over meshed-lids so the certain level of humidity is present within the container to facilitate molting

Recovering the abandoned young

- Now, you would want to handle things delicately from here onwards

- Place a leaf beside the 1.instar

- Gently coax the her onto the leaf using using a pair of tongs

- The scorpling would slowly move towards the leaf when she is prompted by the tip of your tongs prodding her hind legs

- Make sure she has fully came "onboard" before you carefully relocate her

- Place the leaf into the incubator

- Gently prod her hind legs and coax her down from the leaf

- Put her unto the center of the bedding

- Place the lid on to lock in the humidity

- Ensure that an ideal temperature will be consistently supplied for the next few days

- Do NOT place the incubator directly under an Infra red heat lamp if you do not have the intention of toasting her alive

- The ideal temperature is between 86°F-89.6°F (Day) & 77°F-82.4°F (Night)

- Check on the moisture level of the bedding every 2 days to ensure right humidity has been maintained

- If things go well as planned, she should start to molt towards 2.instar by the 4-6 day from birth

- They may also molt upright or even climb up to the side of the wall to assist with the molting process

Wootz!! SUCCESS!!

Just in time to catch things up with her siblings Smile

Case Study

Desert scorplings

Points to Note:
1. This guide may be used for forest, bark and desert scorpions
2. This guide may NOT guarantee 100% success but it will definitely raise their chances of survival for the abandoned young

May I wish you success in nurturing your full brood of scorplings to adulthood.

Leave no one.. erm.. SCORPS !! behind Very Happy


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