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Herp Expo Houten, The Netherlands

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Topic Herp Expo Houten, The Netherlands

Post by Shakudo on Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:36 pm

Hi everybody!

I went to visit the Herp Expo in Houten today with some friends.
Enjoyed it very much, sadly there were few scorpions, but a few nice ones. I didn't buy any, because I found them a bit on the expensive side. Otherwise enjoyed myself very much.

Here are a lot of pics of the Expo... No scorp pics though sorry.. Smile
But hope you like them all the same!

Take care everybody !



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Topic Re: Herp Expo Houten, The Netherlands

Post by GS on Sat Apr 13, 2013 5:13 pm

Awesome series of exotics!

Thanks for "bringing us along with you" to this herp expo.


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