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are they SAFE to keep together?????

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Topic are they SAFE to keep together?????

Post by kellysaxez on Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:01 am

Hello all. I just received this pair of what I was told were P. imperators, one male and one female. One is most definitely smaller than the other, and I did manage to grab some pics of their pectinous but I'm still having a hard time determining sex. If they are a pair, can I keep them together, and if they are not, and are a same sex couple, sorry :)P, will they fight? Thanks in advance, Kelly, Klaus, and Brunhilda

I think this is the male because it is smaller in size and it's pectines are longer.
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and this the femaleā€¦.
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and here are a few pics of them side by side.. hope they are Emps and not Asian Forestsā€¦
" />

" />


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Topic Re: are they SAFE to keep together?????

Post by yames on Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:42 pm

They are not Pandinus Imperator for sure. But I do think you have a mating pair of some type of Asian forest scorpion. They should be communal with no issues as long as you feed them regularly. A cricket or two per week is sufficient. If you notice her growing fat you may want to remove the male to another enclosure for his one safety.

Pregnant moms tend to be a lot more territorial. And be ready for babies in 9-18 months depending on how long ago they mated.

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