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[HOW TO] Vertical Enclosures for Breeding Bark Scorpions

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Topic [HOW TO] Vertical Enclosures for Breeding Bark Scorpions

Post by GS on Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:52 am

Refer to the one on the left of the picture above. It's a "Collection boxes" meant for Toy display.

Preparing the container:
Flip it over and simply use soldering iron to make the holes at the four corners and top lid for ventilation purposes.

How many specimens can it hold:
Each enclosure are an excellent "breeder tank" for an adult pair of bark scorpions (with adult size of up to 9cm)
For smaller bark scorpions species like Lychas mucronatus (5-6cm), these display containers can keep up to 2-3 pairs.

Why is it a good choice:
Most importantly, they can be stacked! And they are awesome for breeders like myself who is facing critical issues in space shortage to house their breeding projects.

Does it really work, for breeding bark scorpions?:
Check our the following vids for yourself Smile

Centruroides nigrescens Breeding Facility - Part 1

Centruroides nigrescens Breeding Facility - Part 2 (Coming right up)

Where can i get these?
They should be readily available locally in your area.
They might not be the same but lookout for plastic display boxes for collection purposes:
e.g. collection plastic display box

More updates will come shortly.. please feel free to post your queries here Smile



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