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Interview Dr. Rolando Teruel

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Topic Interview Dr. Rolando Teruel

Post by Testosterosaurus on Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:33 am

Interview Rolando Teruel 05.05.2010

> Please intoduce your self shortly!

I am 36 years old, and my hometown is Santiago de Cuba, in southeastern Cuba. I got my BSc from Universidad de Oriente (in my
hometown) in 1997, and also my MSc in 2007. Currenty, I'm getting my PhD.

> Why do you work with scorpions & what fascinates you?

Because since I was a child I always thought scorpions are great animals. I started to keep and breed them since I was a child, but soon I became involved in studying them more seriously as a taxonomist.

> How does one become a scorpiologist?
There are two ways: 1) as a profesional; 2) as an amateur. The first choice requires taking a BSc and astudying at a university all the teoric fundaments, and the second is more direct but requires many years to get this same knowledge by yourself. In both cases, it is necessary that at the very beginning you contact as many scorpion specialists as you can, looking for literature, voucher specimens and if you are lucky, the most important thing: someone who mentors you until you are ready to do it on your own.

> Do you have a special research field & which is your special research field?
Taxonomy and systematics of scorpions, but I also work on biogeography, phylogeny and ecology to a lesser ectent.

> Are you occupied also with other animals?
Yes, mostly other arachnid orders: Schizomida, Solifugae, Ricinulei, Amblypygi, and Thelyphonida.

> Why is your work important/for what is your work importantly?
Because of a simple reason: taxonoy is the inevitable basis where every other branches of Biology (i.e., Ecology, Biogeography, Toxicology...) must rely on to work accurately. It is easy to understand: no work on these topic is reliable (= correct) unless it starts with the correct identification of the specie(s) which is (are) studied.

> What do you work at present?

I'm currently revising the scorpion fauna of Cuba and Hispaniola, but also I'm describing a lot of new species and redescribing others poorly known from different places.

> How does your routine of the day look?
As a normal one: wake up early, spend the whole day alternating between microscope and computer, and finish the day at home with my beloved family. Also, I use to do about 10 collecting trips every year.

> What do you have for goals in the future?

In the nearest future (end 2010 to beginning 2011) it is to get my PhD.

With best regards,

Centro Oriental de Ecosistemas y Biodiversidad (BIOECO)
Museo de Historia Natural "Tomás Romay"
José A. Saco # 601, esquina a Barnada
Santiago de Cuba 90100. CUBA
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