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Sexing Hottentotta jayakari

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Topic Sexing Hottentotta jayakari

Post by GS on Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:06 pm

Sexing via the sexual dimorphism of the chela (Significantly shown at 7.instar adults)
Sexing Hottentotta jayakari Hottentotta_jayakari_sexing_by_GS_080313_pic1

If you have noticed on the bottom left of the above image, Hottentotta jayakari 7.instar male have a noticeable "tooth" on his (moveable finger) with his tibia (fixed finger) slightly curved; resulting in a gap between the tibia and tarsus when his chela is fully closed. Unlike males, females' chela does not display this dimorphism and their chela are able to close in a perfect match when in a relax position (refer to bottom right of the above image)

Sexing via Pectine tooth count (PTC) (sexing via this method is possible from 2.instar)
Males PTC: 37-42
Female PTC: 32-35

Sexing Hottentotta jayakari Hottentotta_jayakari_sexing_by_GS_080313_pic2


Sexing Hottentotta jayakari GS_Siggy8
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