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Feeding scorpions

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Topic Feeding scorpions

Post by GS on Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:44 am

The following query is extracted from timeline. It is posted here so that peeps with similar queries may find suggestive advice or solution for their concern.

Jeremy Salgo wrote:
Good eve, Team ASA.. i have a question.. is it okay to feed a scorp (2i-4i and 5i-6i) every after they ate their meals?

Correct me if i'm wrong, I assumed that you are referring to continuous feeding right after the scorpion has just consumed his first prey. There's no harm trying if the keeper is physically there to remove the feeder immediately (when the scorpion showed no interest to consume another meal), but generally, I will not recommended this.

Unless the prey that it has just consumed was extremely small as compared to the scorpion's body mass. In my opinion, each feeder that we offer to our scorpions is preferably half or no bigger than the scorpion's body length. e.g. if we were to offer an adult roach which is as big as the scorpion's body length, that "meal" could probably last the scorpion at least 10-14 days before another feeding is required.

On the other hand, if we were to offer small "bite size" juvenile cricket (measuring about 2cm) to a large scorpion (say a 14cm adult Pandinus imperator), this emperor scorpion would probably have take on two to three juvenile crickets continuously before it has taken it's fill.

Sometimes, what's important is proportioning and spaced-out regular feeding intervals.

You may wish to check out the following article with regards to feeding young scorpions:
[HOW TO] Guide to Feeding Young Scorpions

Feel free to post any further queries.

Feeding scorpions GS_Siggy8
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Topic Re: Feeding scorpions

Post by JD on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:52 am

great advice. well...beginners are just so amazed to see scorpions when they are hunting down prey, to the extent where we put another roach right after the other, i think all of us relates to that Smile

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