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Post by Cylon-Raider on Thu May 16, 2013 12:07 pm

Hey guys, as you may know I recently got into the hobby by purchasing a H.arizonensis, H.swammerdami and a P.cavimanus. I bought all three of them from

I started off by searching for different online stores in the UK but what drew me to this particular store was the sheer volume of inverts they stock. From my research, I would say this is the largest collection from any dealer in the UK. The stock is as follows:

Butterflies & Moths
Crabs & Crustaceans
Grasshoppers & Katydids
Praying Mantis
Stick Insects
Other Insects & Live Foods

I found the prices to be cheaper than the competition too. My H.arizonensis cost £24.00, H.swammerdami cost £25.00 and my P.cavimanus cost £9.00, all of them are sub-adults.

I had several questions about my order which were answered quickly and politely via email and the packaging and courier service (City Link), was very good. All specimins arrived alive and healthy and appear to be ok.

All shipments within the UK are sent out on a Tuesday to arrive on the Wednesday and all postage costs £9.00 irrespective of order size.

I've had them for two weeks now and whilst the H.arizonensis and the P.cavimanus have eaten, the H.swammerdami has yet to accept a prey item.

All in all I would say that this website offers the greatest range of quality inverts that I've seen in the UK. It has a polite and expedient service and offers a good price.

Highly recommended Smile

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