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[FS/T]: 2i H. caboverdensis & C. sculpturatus -US-

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Topic [FS/T]: 2i H. caboverdensis & C. sculpturatus -US-

Post by Shufle3 on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:26 am

Hello, everyone, I've recently had my gravid H. caboverdensis and my C. sculpturatus give birth to about 20 babies each, and I'm willing to sell around 10 from each brood. I'm asking $16.00 each for the caboverdensis and $3.50 each for the sculpturatus. I'll also do $12.00 each when buying lots of 6 or more of the H. caboverdensis and $2.50 each when buying lots of 4 or more of the C. sculpturatus. Shiiping is $10.50 shipped priority unless you'd like it shipped overnight which would make the price vary upon location. I do not offer LAG when shipped priority. I do not accept refund or exchange requests. You can type my name in the AB search bar for my reviews. Feel free to PM me if interested in purchasing or trading. Thank you!



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Topic Re: [FS/T]: 2i H. caboverdensis & C. sculpturatus -US-

Post by AndroctonusCrassicauda on Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:27 am

still selling C. sculpturatus  ?      email


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