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Time for questions !

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Topic Time for questions !

Post by EmpScorp on Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:23 am

I have a few questions for you experienced scorpion handlers. You don't have to answer them all I'm just curious 1. have you ever been stung by a scorpion and how bad was it
2. where do you get all of your rare scorpions 3. have you ever had mites and where do you get them 4. what is the most dangerous scorpion 5. is it easy to breed scorpions your scorpions attack you 7. how did you come to like scorpions

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Topic Re: Time for questions !

Post by ShredderEmp on Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:56 am

1) I have been stung by a Centruroides gracilis, Pandinus imperator, and Babycurus jacksoni. The Centruroides gracilis and Babycurus jacksoni were like a bee sting initially, but the Babycurus jacksoni had numbness that lasted longer. The Pandinus imperator was nothing.

2) The only "rare" scorpions I have are a Lychas mucronatus, Rhopalurus crassicauda, and Rhopalurus junceus. I don't know if the R. junceus qualifies as rare. I bought it from Michael Jacobi's Spider Shop at an expo. The Lychas mucronatus was bought from someone in the Philippines named Vixvy, who I believe is on here. The Rhopalurus crassicauda was bought from someone on a different forum.

3) Never had mites. They are ninjas and can come from anywhere. Keeping enclosures clean prevents outbreaks.

4) It depends on how you define dangerous. Most of the most lethal scorpions belong to Androctonus and Leirus, but there can be others. I would say hemiscorpius lepturus is the most dangerous. Here is a list of medically significant scorpions: Medically significant just means it can really mess you up.

5) Some species are easy, some are hard. It depends. 

6) Mine don't "attack" me, but if I get them mad my Rhopalurus junceus will hiss. I don't mess with them though.

7) I have always liked invertebrates, especially crustaceans. Not sure how it got to scorpions though. Maybe because they look like land-lobsters?
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Topic Re: Time for questions !

Post by Shadowfoot on Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:57 am

Land-lobster sounds about right shredder, lol.
Scorpion breeder

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Topic Re: Time for questions !

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