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My heterometrus cyaneus from Indonesia

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Topic My heterometrus cyaneus from Indonesia

Post by raft282 on Sun Jun 01, 2014 4:47 pm

Hi guys, this my scorpions at they terrarium, they were amazing creatures. i didnt buy it, but from wild capture (2.2.0 Heterometrus cyaneus) 3 (1.2.0) found in Cikadu, Cianjur, Jabar, Indonesia, 1 (1.0.0) found in Cicakal, Baduy, Indonesia. 
for the substrate, im using white small rock in the 1st layer, 2nd layer is charcoal (to absorb acid), 3rd layer is mix compost and cocopeat. then i use wood hidding cave, and custom hiding cave from cement, then i put plant for the decor and small waterdish. the 2 of them is hiding under the cave  Very Happy 
need some advice, please. thx  bounce  cheers  bounce 

My heterometrus cyaneus from Indonesia 2014-013

pic 2:
My heterometrus cyaneus from Indonesia 2014-014

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