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Heterometrus petersii gave birth! Advice?

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Topic Heterometrus petersii gave birth! Advice?

Post by EmielVrolijk on Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:19 am

Last Sunday, November 2, the very first scorpion I bought January 23, 2014 (an adult, wild caught Heterometrus petersii female named Amara, the reason I became obsessed with scorpions and started collecting them) gave birth! She had been underground for at least a month, after getting quite fat (without eating much) and some strange behaviour (i.e. coming out in the afternoon while the light was still on, "sunbathing" underneath it, one day of immense burrowing, something she never really did before, being more defensive than usual during maintenance activities, etc.). She took one more cricket after those burrowing activities, and gradually disappeared in the burrow stretching out to the right from beneath her hide throughout the days, until I couldn't observe her anymore. 

Then, last Sunday, she was sitting in the entrance of her hide, with a small number of little scorplings, and more appearing from underneath her, climbing onto their mother's back. I was thrilled to witness this, as I know from my extensive reading that it's quite rare to be able to see it happening. At night she disappeared into her burrow again, and hasn't come out since.

Anyway, I have a few concerns: she hasn't eaten for about a month, or three weeks at least. Wouldn't she be enticed to eat her babies? I happen to know that Heterometrus petersii are quite cannibalistic. Second: would a minor disturbance (like getting the lock off the sliding doors, and opening her viv to quietly moisten the ground) startle her into eating her babies while she's in her burrow? And third: my idea was to wait until I can see the babies walking around on their own, after their first moult to second instar, and then to gently isolate the mother in a cricket box, while I try to catch the young ones to house them individually. 

I know enough about raising scorplings from arid, tropical, and semi-arid environments (I only bought a few adults, the rest of my collection consists of critters that I bought when they were 2nd instar). It's just this phase of baby-carrying that I know nothing about Razz 

So... any other advice? I cranked up the heat lamp a little bit (through a dimmer), moistened the substrate, but I left the water dish dry.

Thanks in advance!


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Topic Re: Heterometrus petersii gave birth! Advice?

Post by eldondominicano on Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:58 pm

Hey I was wondering how it all turned out?


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