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Hello from Portland, OR

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Topic Hello from Portland, OR

Post by november on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:23 pm

About me:
I'm 31 years old, female-identified, from Portland, OR.  I work in software development as an acting DBA on my team intermixed with some bash scripting and dev work at the moment. I live in the scary poor neighborhood, because my income still sucks relative to the average earning rate for my position (I'm working with a company that legitimately gives industry exposure / real work to do so I can build up my resume, though, so in a couple of years I should be doing really well). I like sf and fantasy, and studying and hanging out with friends when I get a chance.
As far as background/pet ownership I have mostly not owned a scorpion before. I had a brief experience taking care of an emperor scorpion at twelve or so, but these are a bit more aggressive and hands-off so it is definitely a challenge.
As of this post, I'm the caretaker for two fairly handsome asian forest scorpions, and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about their care. One just moved in with me yesterday, and the other has been with me for about a week, but in too small of a cage. I'd been waiting until payday to get proper equipment for them, and now they have a cage, two shelters, a heatpad, semi-moist coconut mulch, and a little shallow water dish with a sponge in it. I had to separate them yesterday with a partition, because they were fighting and I didn't know for sure what to do, but would like to get more advice overall about their set up and how to do well by them, essentially, and just learn about scorpions generally. I don't see any injuries but I'll keep an eye out. I've seen at least one of them feed since the fight and they both seem active enough.
So, my to-do list at present, until I learn differently, goes something like:
-get a plexiglass or lexan separator to partition the tank better. Figure out whether there's a way to make it removeable.
-find out how natural fighting is and how likely it is to permanently injure them if allowed. I believe they are both males, but because I'm giving them a day off after all the settling and fighting yesterday, I haven't been able to get a close enough look at their underside to try sexing them personally.
-get a separate heatpad, water dish and less ad-hoc shelter along the lines of what Glamdring has for Orcrist.
-Maybe find some appropriate stuff to make their environment more interesting, like a little platform they can climb on in addition to their shelter or some little plants or something.
(and whatever else people suggest).
They share a 13 gallon reptile tank I got that's a square glass setup with a sturdy frame, that's a national geographic brand with side and ceiling vents, and a little thing built in for passing cords (such as the heat pad's).
I do have a separate, smaller enclosure for crickets, with some egg cartons and a little orange block of cricket food. The salesperson recommended
maybe potato slices or apple slices to keep it liveable / provide food. So I'll learn more as I go there. (photos after I've been here long enough to post photos)
Sorry to be so voluminous about my set up on first post! I just wanted to be as detailed as possible so that it would jump out if there was something scary bad with what I was doing.


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