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Topic Hello!

Post by Lord_Venom on Sun May 31, 2015 5:34 am

Hello everyone, I've just joined up, at long last. I'm "Venom" from Arachnoboards, but the username "Venom" is already taken here, so I chose "Lord_Venom" instead. (I have an enduring interest in toxinology and invertebrate venoms, and try to stay informed in that area.)

I am 31, residing currently in rural New York. I've been keeping inverts (tarantulas and true spiders) since 2000, but just got into scorpions in February, 2014. I'm currently keeping Hottentotta caboverdensis and Centruroides limbatus. I have never been bitten/ stung, and plan to keep it that way!

My non-invert hobbies include hiking, photography, reading, all manner of outdoorsiness (camping, fishing, hunting), and all manner of sciency geekdom (tech news, physics, science news, etc.). 

I look forward to learning from you all. Smile


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