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Hello from Mexico

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Topic Hello from Mexico

Post by martindiazdeleon on Thu Jun 04, 2015 5:46 pm

Hello everyone.

first of all i would like to congratulate you for this great fórum. is the best and most complete i have found.

well, as i said,  i'm from Mexico, i'm a 39 years old  civil engeneer  and i just began with my first scorpion just about a month ago. since i got him i think i've been doing  my homework about Reading and investigating  how to keep him under best and healthy  condition. and i think they are wonderful animals.

i'm so happy and interested about scorpion and i hope, with your help, to give him (them in future) the best place to stay, and get a Little more deeper in this scorpions world.

let me introduce you to Ramses. he was sold as a pandinus imperator. but obviously, is an asian forest scorpion (i think an Heterometrus Spinifer). i don't really care about it. it's pretty calm and a really good guy. as i know this is a very common prectice (at least here in Mexico) because Pandinus are already banned to import. and because i didn't  know anything about it, i just took him.

i don't know if i uploaded the picture correctly. but anyway there will be more chances Rolling Eyes bounce

thanks and see you around.


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