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Coson Inverts

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Topic Coson Inverts

Post by TheScorpionMan on Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:35 am

Cuban Orange Scorpion - Rhopalurus Junceas $15ea. or $25 for both
African Spitting Thick-Tail - Parabuthus Transvaalicus 4i $25
Striped Bark Scorpions - Centruroides Vittatus 2i $3ea. or 5 for $10 
Red Claws - Pandinus Cavimanus $20ea. or both for $35
Asian Forest Scorpion - Heterometrus sp. $20 
Leiurus Quinquestriatus - Adult Pair ready for breeding (Please inquire) 

Nhandu Coloratovillosus 2-3" $50
Brachypelma Albopilosum 1-2" $35
Aphonopelma Hentzi $15 
Grammostola Porteri $12

Other Spiders:
Black Widow - Latrodectus Hesperus adults $10ea.
Brown Recluse - Loxosceles Reclusa $8
Phidippus Audax adult $8

Red-head Centipede - Scolopendra Heros Castaneiceps $80 

Fedex Overnight w/LAG $40
Fedex 2 day starting at $16 (no LAG)

LAG only when requirements are met, 
Not above 90F or below 40F on both ends, Delivered on first attempt
Any DOA claims must be reported within 24 hours
All guarantees are void if not received on the first attempt of delivery.
**Minimum Order $30**

I will trade for any inverts/reptiles. Mainly in: Tarantulas, Centipedes, Scorpions, Snakes/Other Reptiles. Just Let me know.

**No International Shipping**


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