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For sale\trade: Scorpions, Millipedes & Tarantulas!!!

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Topic For saletrade: Scorpions, Millipedes & Tarantulas!!!

Post by Nir Avraham on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:04 pm

For Sale:


Scorpio maurus fuscus- RARE!!!

Adult Only! Only 3 females left! (6-7 cm)

20£ each.

Scorpio maurus palmatus- RARE!!!

Only one adult female and some babies left!

Adult (6-7 cm)- 25£.

Babies (1-2 cm)- 8£ each.

Compsobuthus levyi- VERY RARE!!!

Only one adult male left!

Adult (3-4 cm)- 25£.

Androctonus amoreuxi levyi- VERY RARE!!!

Adults and sub-adults only! Only few left!

Adult (9-10 cm)- 20£ each.

Sub-adult (5-7 cm)- 15£ each.


Archispirostreptus syriacus-

Adult- 3.5£ (14-18cm) each.

Large- 2.5£ (8-13cm) each.

Medium- 1.5£ (5-7cm) each.

Small- 0.5£ (2-4cm) each.


Chaetopelma olivaceum- RARE!!!

Only one sub-adult left!

Sub-adult- 30£

Camel Spiders-

Galeodes sp.- VERY RARE!!!

Adult- 50£

Only one available for sale!!!


Just send me a PM with the animal- Maybe I'll be interested!

Contact: or PM


No refunds and I'm not responsible for problems with customs.


The price depends on your country and the type of delivery.
Please sent me the shipping type you want with your country.


Nir Avraham

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