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G'day from Belgium

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Topic G'day from Belgium

Post by David VB on Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:50 am

Hey folks,

I got the link to this forum via someone on the arachnoboards page on FB because i was looking for info on a scorpion. This was given to me by a friend who works in a petshop and it was brought in by a customer who said that it probably had come with a container on board of a ship.

Anyway, I'm David from Belgium, Europe 4à years old and have been keeping tarantulas, snakes, a chameleon and a bearded dragon for a couple of years and thus now a scorpion Smile 
I work at a factory that produces glassfibre for the plastics industry and have a GF for about 21 years now. We never got married and we don't have human kids. We do have 2 dogs and a cat as our children though Razz

I try to run and ride the bike regularly, but most of my free time goes to the reptiles/arachnids. Caring for them and talking/reading about them. 

Any other questions, just ak Wink


Btw, on FB i've been told that the scorpion is most probably a Hottentotta hottentotta.

David VB

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