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Centruroides nigrescens

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Topic Centruroides nigrescens

Post by GS on Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:12 am

Centruroides nigrescens   Centruroides_nigrescens_by_GSscoprions82_pic3

Sting Report of Centruroides nigrescens

Age of specimen:
7.instar adult


Size of scorpion:
8cm (Full scorpion length)

Location of Sting area on keeper:
Tip of right index finger

Event leading to the sting:
Nil. An induced sting.

After effect from the sting:
An immediate sharp that felt like a hammer on my finger. Instant regret flashes across my mind as i pondered "how dumb can i get at times.." The pain intensified by the seconds and within 1 min, it was at the peak whereby i was doing nothing more than pressing the sting point as hard as i can with my other hand.

Thoughout the next 10-15mins.. pain that resembles "pins and needles" circulate at sting point. The numbness spread towards my right wrist within 20mins..

Slight swelling was observed after 25mins and the pain was reduced gradually..

At 1 hour after i was stung, i can no longer feel any pain. Slight redness around the sting area as was barely visible by the next day.

End of report.

Centruroides nigrescens   GS_Siggy8
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