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First experience with brood of scorplings! 2nd Instar (?) - Help!

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Topic First experience with brood of scorplings! 2nd Instar (?) - Help!

Post by mstalcup on Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:44 am

I have kept a couple of Hadrurus arizonensis (1.1) adults for a year. They mated last year and I just discovered today that the female has given birth to 25+ scorplings. She had been buried for weeks so I thought she might have died so I carefully uncovered her lair and discovered her with her brood. They have already left her back and I think that means they are i2(??) I'm completely inexperienced with this situation and I am hoping to get some suggestions. The young ones are exploring, digging, and climbing over each other.

I raise B. dubia roaches and have a bunch of tiny nymphs. I put many of these in their habitat to see if they would eat. I also killed an adult male dubia, broke it in half and put it in also, thinking they might eat that. I have no idea how to offer them water to drink. What I've done is all guesswork and I'm hoping to get some information so I can keep them alive and happy. Thank you.


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