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Scorpions- NEW PRICES!!!

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Topic Scorpions- NEW PRICES!!!

Post by Nir Avraham on Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:00 pm

Still have some scorpions left for sale- and I have to sell them as fast as possible!

CB babies:

Androctonus crassicauda-
only 10 left!
5 babies- 25£.
10 babies- 45£.

Scorpio maurus fuscus-
I have only 10-12!
1 for 4£.
10 for 35£.

Damon variegatus-
Only 10 left!
A month old and eating great!!!
21£ each.


Adults, sub-adults and juveniles:

Buthacus leptochelys leptochelys-
Unsexed adults, maybe 2 males...
1 for 15£.
2 for 25£.

Hottentotta judaicus-
Unsexed juvenile, 4-5 cm. Amazing color!

Scorpio maurus palmatus-
Only 4 adults left! Unsexed.
1 for 12£.
4 for 35£.

Scorpio maurus fuscus-
Only 5 left! Unsexed, adults and sub-adults.
1 for 10£.
5 for 40£.

Nebo hierichonticus-
Sexed adults and unsexed juveniles.
1.1- 40£.
2.2- 70£.
*The females are sub-adults*
1 for 13£.
4 for 40£.
100£ for all of them!!! (4 adults and 4 juveniles)

Androctonus crassicauda-
Sexed adults! Had a successful breeding this year!!!
1.1- 40£.
1.2- 55£.

Androctonus amoreuxi levyi-
Unsexed adults and sub-adults.
1 for 12£.
5 for 50£.
7 for 65£.

Leiurus quinquestriatus-
Unsexed adults. Huge scorpions!
1 for 10£.
5 for 45£.
10 for 75£.

Other Arthropods:

Archispirostreptus syriacus-
Unsexed adult and sub-adults.
4£ each.
Over 100- 2.5£ each.

Minimum order is 40£!

I'm NOT going to sex the animals that written as "unsexed".

All the sales are on £, GBP. Send only by EMS Only.Can send worldwide.
I'm not responsible to any problem with the customs. Using PayPal only.
No refunds. All the animals would send as 100% healthy, and pack as good as possible.

Not interested in trades

PM or

Nir Avraham

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