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Protect Our Authors from Copyright Infringement

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Topic Protect Our Authors from Copyright Infringement

Post by GS on Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:34 pm

Dear Friends in the Hobby,

The caresheets/articles and content in ASA are published free of charge. It is to promote the hobby and provide a guidance for new hobbyist.

We strongly believe that the least we can do for the authors is to show our respect and support for their copyright ownership.

Please help to protect our authors with the following:

1. DO NOT COPY any of our content and republish them onto your own website, forum or any social media platform on the internet.
Instead, we would greatly appreciate if you could publish a hyperlink to our actual article so that any visitor to your site can be directed to the source where the articles are updated from time to time.

For example: If you would like to share about our [ASA] Desert Scorpions' Caresheet, you may share the link in your site as follows:

2. Our protected content includes the following:
Pictures, illustration, articles (e.g. caresheets, guides/ tutorials), videos, ideas/initiatives by [ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives.

3. Our sites are listed below:
GSscorpions82 photobucket's content
DolbyR Photobucket's content (Content ownership belong to the respective author)

4. The copyright of all texts and illustrations found in our above-mentioned sites are held by the authors

We would also appreciate your action with a Facebook "Like" and/or "share" for the following photo.
Click here to proceed to our FAN page and show us your support!
Protect Our Authors from Copyright Infringement STOP_COPYRIGHT_ABUSE_by_GS_190213

Team ASA

Protect Our Authors from Copyright Infringement GS_Siggy8
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