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Copyright your Pictures

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Topic Copyright your Pictures

Post by DolbyR on Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:10 pm

I've seen lately lot's of pictures from different sites being shared online... I'm talking about copyrighted pictures here.
Nothing is stopping a certain individual from just saving and uploading one of our pictures somewhere else as their own.

We should be well aware of this problem and take actions to prevent it. We MUST protect our pictures.

Therefore, I advise everybody to at least watermarks the pictures that are uploaded online and shared here. Some members are doing this already, but most are not.

Watermarking doesn't take too long either, there are several software (besides Photoshop) that you can use to do it pretty easily.

Additionally, please, avoid sharing copyrighted images that do not belong to you. If you must share a random image (for query purposes, etc.), do mention the source and if possible, the author/copyright owner.

For further info on how to protect your pictures, please refer to our [HOW TO] Image Protection

Also, do not forget to read and comply with
Protect Our Authors from Copyright Infringement

Copyright your Pictures DolbyR_Siggy4
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