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Important links

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Topic Important links

Post by Testosterosaurus on Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:27 am

here some important links for professionals & hobbiest:

Scientific pages:

Side of J.O. Rein (ntnu) biggest gallery in www, but some ID's are wrong in the gallery

For all news in scorpiology:

...also check out the free downloads:

scieELO brasil:

M.E. Braunwalder`s page:

The Journal of AAS:

Soleglad's & Fet's Side of free scorpiology publications & please check out the scorpiologist gallery!

Publications of the SEA:

F. Kovarik's Bibliography with free downloads:

Page of the unam:

Publications of the amnh:

Hobbiest Pages:

G.Molisani's page:

Mark Stockmann's page:

A.Ullrich's page:

E.Ythier page(Not Updated):

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