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[HOW TO] Search for Scorpion's Information

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Topic [HOW TO] Search for Scorpion's Information

Post by GS on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:03 pm

Dear members,

As you have noticed across the boards, there are often similar questions being asked over and over again. I'm sure you find the following posts familiar:

"Hey guys.. my emperor scorpion always stays in his hide/burrow.... i have not seen him eat for a whole month! please tell me what to do...".

" i'm sooooo excited that my Emperor scorpion had babies on her back!! omg.. what do i do now?? Please help!! "

Don't get us wrong. Well, there's nothing wrong being new, definitely. We all start from somewhere, don't we? Smile

However, when a new hobbyist does a quick search for his queries using the forum search function or by "Googling" for information online before posting a question, this somewhat shows the character of him being a person who do not simply wait for others to spoon-feed" him information. If the results of the search are not clear or did not answer his doubts, he may then feel free to post and seek for advice in the forums.

Of course, If it's an urgent scenario e.g. a new hobbyist is only 3 days in the hobby, and the pet scorpion he just got from the store is now having babies! To make things worse, the scorpion mom is munching on the babies as they are coming out.. what can he do????
When it's of such urgency above, i believe anyone who sees the post in time would immediately try to help him by offering their advice or by directing him to some useful information even when he is "new" to the forum.

New hobbyist are never neglected, that is the reason why the different care-sheets are compiled by the Mods and helpful hobbyist in this forum such as the [HOW TO] Scorpion Guides / Tutorials and [ASA] All-Scorpion-Archives, if you have not realized, these are all targeted exactly at the new hobbyist!

The following are simple methods which aims to help new hobbyist to search for their desired scorpion information.

Method 1: Use the Forum's Search Function

- Well, just treat the search function as your best friend, type in question as you wished.. e.g. how to remove mites from emperor scorpions and multiple results would return for your reading pleasure
- For general information or husbandry about a particular scorpion specie, simple search "Emperor scorpion caresheet"
- Of cos, it will be more ideal and accurate if you search via the scientific name of the scorpion, e.g. Pandinus imperator caresheet
- Link to Forum's Search Function

Method 2: Using Internet Search Engines
A simple method by adding the word "caresheet" or "care" right after the name of the critter your are searching for. Some examples of your search keywords could be:
- "Pandinus imperator caresheet" or "Pandinus imperator care"
- "Centruroides nigrescens caresheet" or "Centruroides nigrescens care"
- Link to Google Search

Method 3: Tracking the originating websites
1. Enter the name of your scorpion in Google's image search and multiple images results would surface
2. Click on the pictures that resemblance the scorpion you are looking for and select "Website for this image"
3. Although it might not be what you needed at times, this method stands a good chance on landing you in some useful readings in something related to your query
- Link to Google Image Search

[HOW TO] Search for Scorpion's Information How_to_Search_for_Info_by_GSscorpions82_pic2

Method 4: Searching Keywords on a particular page (Contributed by DolbyR)
"One more method that is worth mentioning, is using Google search engine to look up posts/topics/articles at the forums. Our own search is great for basic stuff but sometimes it can be picky on the keywords used"

The syntax for searching a keyword on a particular page is "site:URL KEYWORD"

So, for example, if you want to find everything we have in the forum about Babycurus jacksoni, you would write in the search bar Babycurus jacksoni

Method 5: Check if your concern has been covered in the General Caresheets below:
1. Forest Scorpion Caresheet
2. Bark Scorpion Caresheet
3. Desert Scorpion Caresheet

The above are just some simple caresheets to offer a general guide on scorpion's husbandry, for specific caresheets, it would still be ideal for the keeper to do a more in-depth research on the individual species. Please feel free to share with the new hobbyist or suggest how do you search for your required scorpion information. I'll add on your suggestion to the list above.


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