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Possible Reasons for Death?

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Topic Possible Reasons for Death?

Post by ShredderEmp on Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:21 pm

I found little Hannibal dead today when I came home from school. He was in a position similar to this:

Possible Reasons for Death? Photo_zps5f2f6fe3

Why would this be? I had the ceramic heat emitter about an inch away, but his deli cup was not hot at all. The water dish was full, and he had been active and jumpy this morning. I had a roach nymph in there for three days and he did not touch it. Took it out yesterday, and was going to feed again today. He has dug burrows, but for the past few days, he had been out of it whenever i saw him. I can't figure out why he died?
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