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My Next Order

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Topic My Next Order

Post by yames on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:54 am

So this is the full list I got from my local distributor.

I honestly don't know what I should get from it. I obviously can't afford everything. So I'm polling you guys. Whatever I get will be with the intent of breeding. What do you think I should invest in?

Androctonus australis  subadult wc
Androctonus bicolor   3.-4. instar

Babycurus gigas   2.instar  

Bothriurus dumayi  wc-adult  
Brachistosternus sp. yellow  wc. 2-3cm subadult-adult
Brachistosternus sp. black   2-3cm  wc  adult
Buthus albengai  , subadult-adult  wc
Buthus maroccanus   2. instar  
Buthus paris Marokko,   instar  
Buthus paris   subadult-adult  
Centruroides   2. instar  
Centruroides gracilis  , subadult-adult  wc
Centruroides sculpturatus   subadult-adult  wc
Chaerilus celebensis   4. instar
Grosphus ankarana   juvenil,  
Grosphus cf. madagascariensis   juvenil  
Grosphus cf. madagascariensis  subadult wc
Grosphus sp. brown  juvenil ca. 2cm  
Hadogenes troglodytes  , adult  wc
Heterometrus sp. Vietnam wc
Heterometrus swammerdami   3-4cm  
Heteroscorpion opisthacanthoides  -subadult wc
Hottentotta tamulus gangeticus   subadult-adult  
Iurus doufureius  subadult-adult wc
Liocheles cf australasiae wc
Mesobuthus caucasius   3.-5. instar  
Neochactas delicatus   2.-3. instar  
Opistophthalmus glabifrons  , adult, wc
Orthochirus innesi  , subadult wc
Parabuthus capensis   1.-2. instar,  
Parabuthus liosoma  -subadult wc
Parabuthus liosoma   XL adult wc
Parabuthus pallidus   juvenil  
Parabuthus schlechteri   2. instar  
Smeringurus mesaensis   subadult-adult wc
Tityus asthenes   2. instar  
Tityus stigmurus  -subadult  
Uroplectes planimanus   subadult  
Uroplectes cf. schlechteri   2. instar
Uroplectes vittatus  subadult-adult,  

Vaejovis intrepidus christimanus   2.-3. instar  
Vaejovis occidentalis   subadult-adult  
Vaejovis sp. Morelos

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Topic Re: My Next Order

Post by Shadowfoot on Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:13 am

Well, you won't regret working with any of the Parabuthus sp or Uroplectes sp. He has some very interesting species available, the one that stands out most for me is P.capensis as they are extremely rare in the hobby.
Scorpion breeder

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Topic Re: My Next Order

Post by ahxean on Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:00 pm

I would choose 
Orthochirus innesi  
Parabuthus capensis 
Uroplectes planimanus   
Uroplectes cf. schlechteri   
Uroplectes vittatus  Very Happy

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Topic Re: My Next Order

Post by ShredderEmp on Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:05 pm

Babycurus gigas, all Grosphus sp., and Tityus asthenes.
3. Instar

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Topic Re: My Next Order

Post by Sponsored content

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