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RULES - Read BEFORE you make a post!

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Topic RULES - Read BEFORE you make a post!

Post by GS on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:38 am

In an effort to make your business a little more organized, please take your time to read over the following:


** Violation of any of these rules may result in your ad/post being deleted
(You may or may not receive a warning or infraction)

** Repeated violations of these rules may result in loss of your privileges to post in the Classifieds section
(Applicable for new threads started after 4 Jan 2012)

** Do not disregard our rules.
Continuous disregard of our rules will result in you being banned from posting in our classifieds section and ALL ads removed.


1. Please follow the correct title format in your sales thread:
"Classify your thread" : "Inverts you are selling" - "Country you are from"

FS: Centruroides spp and complete list of inverts - US

Classify your thread with codes below:
WTB: Want to buy
WTT: Want to trade for
WTB/T: Want to buy or trade for
FS: For sale
FT: For trade
FF: For free
FS/T: For sale or trade

"FF" (for free) ads are for what you are offering for free, NOT what you want for free.
Solicitations for "free" stuff is NOT allowed.

Please let your location be known:
If in the United States also add as many specifics as possible, such as State and City. Further, as international sales of many species may be illegal or otherwise controlled, people need to be able to tell what they're entering into up front.

2. Please be descriptive with the title.
E.g. A thread titled "FS: WC Babycurus Jacksoni 2.instar - Florida, US" is going to get you better exposure than one simply titled "FS: For sale - Florida, US,"

3. State your shipping coverage in your sales thread e.g. US only or international shipping available
This provide a clear understanding for your potential buyers if you only provide local shipping in your country or if you do provide international shipping as well.
- US only
- International shipping available

4. List your own Terms of Service (TOS) in your sales thread:
Terms of Service
Live Arrival Guarantee
(Your terms here)
Refund Policy
(Your terms here)

5. No auctions or implied auctions. You must include the asking price in the ad, no exceptions.
An ad such as "P. imperator, 2.5" unsexed $10 or best offer" is fine.
An ad such as: "P. leisoma slings, make an offer" is not.

6. Thread bumping is only allowed once every 24 hours after your original post is made.
If you bump your post in under 24 hours, your post will be unbumped.

7. We will not allow anyone to charge for information on this forum.
For example, you can not charge more for sexed scorpions than unsexed scorpions of the same age.

8. Replies to threads started by others are NOT ALLOWED in this section.
If contact instructions are not already specified in the ad, then you can contact the dealer/seller/buyer either via Email or Private Message (PM).

Do NOT pm me or any of the mods asking why your thread is deleted when you do not bother to read up and adhere to the forum rules.


DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to know the laws of their respective countries regarding the import/export of the inverts they are dealing in. All-Scorpion-Archives and/or it's staff are NOT responsible for anything sold, purchased or traded in the classifieds (other than their own individual ads). Each individual dealer/seller/buyer is responsible for everything posted in their own ads. Please do your research on a dealer/seller/buyer before purchasing, selling and/or trading. Check the review forums and see if they're listed and someone you feel comfortable in doing business with.


Important Notes:
** For keepers who has inverts for sale/trade/adoption as a one-time transaction, upon closure of your deal we would appreciate that you post in your sales thread to indicate transaction complete and for the removal of thread.
This is to keep things going as updated as possible.

** The rules are in place to make this classified section more organized and useful for our forumers. We hope that you will take it seriously by doing your part to adhere to the rules mentioned above.

Thank you for your understanding.

RULES - Read BEFORE you make a post! GS_Siggy8
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