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Backwater Reptiles

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Topic Backwater Reptiles

Post by shifty physco on Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:03 pm

I was looking to buy a male Emperor scorpion to breed with my female... and unfortunately still am. I found the site backwater reptiles and they claimed to have some emps at a good price, but the shipping was expensive.

 When i received the package the scorp was packed fairly well but it was a H. Spinifer. After i contacted the sales department they were going to give me a credit toward a male emp but they said at that time the only ones they had were babies on the mothers back. Convenient, right?
I patiently waited a month and sent another email, i got a reply saying they had forgot all about me, and had gotten rid off all the emps. 

That was there words. "We got rid of them". But on there site they are still posted for sale. There is something fishy with this dealer! Also i never received money back and the forest scorps on their site cost $11 less than the emps! WHATS UP WITH THAT!  BOO this dealer BOO   Evil or Very Mad

shifty physco

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