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My pretties!

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Topic My pretties!

Post by EmielVrolijk on Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:31 pm

So, just a few of my little critters, and some of the bigger ones Smile 

An early picture of my first scorpion, bought in January this year (she might be gravid now, judging by her size and behaviour these last weeks). She's a Heterometrus petersii lady, named Amara Smile 

My pretties!  AmaraScorpioapr14023-001_zpsdd1bb904

The male of my deceased pair of Rhopalurus junceus, which died because of some unknown chemical poisoning. The replacement male started showing the same symptoms, but after replacing everything in the enclosure, he survived! I bought an instar 4 and 3 instar 2's to make up for it. 

My pretties!  NieuwescorpiosEmel001_zpsdcefe900

One of my two Liocheles waigiensis. This one died because of some unknown reason, but his larger brother/sister is doing great!

My pretties!  CSC_0231_zpsd0c04e66

A male Paruroctonus boreus, one of my most recent arrivals Smile I've got a female as well, but my last two attempts to mate them didn't go well.. I'll just keep on trying!

My pretties!  SKorPiookt2014005_zps6bf050fe

This little Hadrurus spadix instar 2 was a freebie, sent along with the Paruroctonus boreus pair!

My pretties!  SKorPiookt2014020_zpsac27ac8a

A Hadogenes troglodytes, age and sex unknown, captive bred. I bought her on an exhibition last month.

My pretties!  DSC_0008_zps90c053a8

0.0.5 Babycurus jacksoni, instar 3/4

My pretties!  DSC_0012_zps8e7047bd

0.0.2 Hottentotta gentili, instar 3

My pretties!  DSC_0018_zpse8267d24

0.0.2 Centruroides gracilis, dark morph, instar 3

My pretties!  DSC_0022_zps4cdee0b4

0.0.3 Mesobuthus gibbosus, instar 2

My pretties!  DSC_0027_zps81cae2ea

0.1.0 Tityus stigmurus, instar 2(?)

My pretties!  DSC_0032_zps95e5bd5b

1.0.4 Rhopalurus junceus. This one is instar 3, as are its 2 siblings. The other unsexed one is instar 4, and there's an adult male, as I stated before Smile

My pretties!  DSC_0043_zpsb6063aa7

I didn't want to disturb my 5 Euscorpius italicus instar 2, because they are all in premoult, and incredibly tiny Razz 

That's all for now! Next year, after I've recovered from the surgery on my right shoulder (to prevent it from dislocating all the time), I'll get more scorps:

1.1.0 Androctonus mauretanicus
0.0.2 Androctonus liouvillei
0.0.2 Androctonus amoreuxi
1.1.0 Parabuthus villosus/brevimanus/granulatus/planicauda (1 of these, depending on the availability here in Europe)
0.0.2 Parabuthus liosoma/brevimanus/granulatus/planicauda (another one of these, obviously not the same species as the pair that I will have bought by then) 
0.0.3 Hottentotta jayakari
0.0.5 Hottentotta jayakari salei
0.0.5 Uroplectes pilosus
1.1.0 Euscorpius aquilejensis 
1.1.0 Euscorpius sicanus


0.0.2 Tityus fasciolatus/gaffini/bastosi/magnimanus/forcipula (again depending on the availability)

0.0.1 Leiurus quinquestriatus


0.0.5 Kochius sp.
0.0.5 Hoffmannius sp.
0.0.5 Vaejovis sp. 

I'll keep you guys updated!


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Topic Re: My pretties!

Post by sweetsting on Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:42 pm

cool nice choice of Species


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Topic Re: My pretties!

Post by EmielVrolijk on Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:18 pm

Thanks! Smile 

By the way, my collection has expanded, even though I didn't plan on it Razz I received 0.0.4 Androctonus mauretanicus, 0.2.0 Hottentotta hottentotta "Burkina Faso" instar 2 (one freebie!) and a Parabuthus transvaalicus instar 2 freebie as well! Also, my Heterometrus petersii female gave birth. I managed to catch two of the scorplings. One of those two died, and I suspect the rest of them to be in their mother's burrow.  

Pictures will follow soon!


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Age : 29
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Topic Re: My pretties!

Post by Sponsored content

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