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ceramic versus IR heating

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Topic ceramic versus IR heating

Post by kellysaxez on Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:26 am

Okay. I've searched the site typing in "ceramic versus IR heating", and "ceramic heaters" and "ceramic" then "IR heating" and found almost nothing. I live in New York, where it gets cold, quite cold in the winter, when some source of heating is needed. During the summer it might get to 90's but right now it's the mid 70's. At any rate, I'd like to get a conversation going pertaining to heating sources. I used to use, up until last week, an IR 75 watt heat bulb for a 36 inch long 16 inch high aquarium housing three H. spinifers and the 60 W ceramic heater for my Haddy who lives in a 29 inch long desert set up.

However, I was told the IR dries out the air and is harmful to the exoskeletons of scorps. and that unless the air temp in the house goes below 70 degrees, no alternate source of heating is needed at all, especially for the Haddy.

I'd like to add that both desert and forest set ups have 3/4's of the mesh screen tops covered in aluminum foil so as to help keep in humidity/heat. 

In yho's, what heating sources, if any, should I put with which set up?

What I have in my collection are these: 

1 75 W IR bulb

1 50 W Blue Moon light bulb by exoterra

1 100 W Ceramic bulb

1 60 W Ceramic bulb

1 Mist King electric misting system

tanks are glass with mesh tops:

1 29L (36 inch long) H. spinifer set up
1 ?Gal (29 inch long) H. arizonensis set up
1 20Gal tank for an up coming community of C. sculpts 

Any advice on which heating source to use for which tank would be greatly, greatly appreciated and I think good discussion about the differences between ceramic and IR and UTH (mat) heating sources is a good idea. Couldn't hurt anything anyway Smile

Thanks in advance,



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