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my A. Maruetanicus habitat

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Topic my A. Maruetanicus habitat

Post by ommelette on Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:11 pm

Hey guys please comment on what I need to change or if you have any suggestions.  The enclosure is supposed to be divided in two parts naturally with those rocks in the middle, a male A. Mauretanicus will go on the right side and a female on the left.  Idk how well it will do in keeping them separated tho so I'll probably end up putting a more secure divider on top of it.  I am using 75 watt zoo med lights, I will have two but in the pics you can only see one.  I hope it will be hot enough for them in the tank but I am not sure as it is a large tank and the light is a good distance away.  Anyways, if I think of anything else I have a concern about I will post, oh yea the substrate is just straight sand.  A mix of orange and red sand though.  Thanks!

There are 4 hides, there is one under the obelisk looking rock that is on an angle, two on either side of the natural rock divider, and a final one on the right side next to the flat rock.

You can see the infrared light I will use to keep em warm at night
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0926_zpshuo59755

I made a cover that I lined with aluminium foil to keep the heat in, you can see where the second lamp will go.
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0928_zps69kxqt5p

overhead shot
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0929_zpszmvhexcc

from left
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0930_zpspvhng1g4

from right
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0931_zpsltgnrldq

head on
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0939_zpstj0vdqjy

there are 4 hides total 2 on each side.  This is the central hide on the right side of the tank (built off of the tank divider)
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0932_zps19szaqzq

the hide on the left side of the divider
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0933_zpsmi51sccd

angle from right
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0943_zps80nzh5oy

angle from left
my A. Maruetanicus habitat IMG_0944_zpsgwyg42le

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