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Greetings from New Jersey, USA!

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Topic Greetings from New Jersey, USA!

Post by Mauretanicus1 on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:26 am

Greetings from New Jersey, USA!

I'm a 35 YO Environmental Consultant and Herpetologist originally from Norwood, Massachussetts (go Bruins!). I have photographed scorpions in-situ from Botswana and South Africa, to Costa Rica and Arizona. Ex-situ, I've kept your usual Emperors, Hadrurus, Hadogenes paucidens (bred), Androctonus, Leiurus quinquestriatus ("bred"), and Parabuthus liosoma (bred). I would describe my experience with scorps as moderate at best.

Very pleased to be here and part of this community!

Thank you!



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