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Hello from Baltimore MD

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Topic Hello from Baltimore MD

Post by Whitelightning777 on Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:48 pm

This is my first scorpion, purchased one week ago from repticon.  It was sold to me as a Malaysian Forest scorpion, female. At first I thought she was molting, but my girlfriend insists that she saw unborn scorps inside from underneath when she climbed up the glass.

Hello from Baltimore MD <a href=Hello from Baltimore MD Scorp%20home3" />

She has a proper heating pad now as well as a temp and humidity gauge.

How do I raise youngsters once they leave the back of the mother?

Of course, I can't keep them all!! How do I ship, sell and legally stay within the law? 

How do I verify warranty claims, or just use honor system?

Can a minor legally buy a scorpion, how young?

Lastly, what's a fair price for both an individual and a pair for this species?

Hello from Baltimore MD <a href=Hello from Baltimore MD Scorp%20home3" />

Here she is!! The cage wasn't fully set up, just what I had at repticon.


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