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[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet

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Topic [ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet

Post by GS on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:06 pm

Dear Hobbyist,

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[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_040412_by_GS_pic5

Tityus stigmurus (Thorell, 1876)

Origin and occurrence:

Size of adults:
Females (6.instar): 5cm +/-


Medically significant. Not recommended for beginners or as starter scorpions.

Females can attain maturity at 6.instar

Tityus stigmurus are parthenogenetic, it simply means that a mature specimen of this specie is able to impregnate itself without having a need to mate. The young born are "genetically clones" of their parents, hence all Tityus stigmurus which are circulating in the hobby are all females.

Signs of Gravid:
The following two pictures are taken 2-3 weeks before this specimen had a brood. As you can see from the sides of the pleural membrane, the physical appearance of embryos are not distinct, even at the later stage of gestation. Hence, if you have been raising specimens from 2.instar, be prepared for a brood between 2-4 months from the date of maturity to 6.instar. If you have brought specimens from sub-adult stages onwards, you may reference it's size to gauge which instar is your specimens at and be prepared for a brood.

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic8

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic9

Gestation Period:
2-4 months +/-

The birth of 1.instar scorplings:
After a gestation period of about 3 months, the matured specimen would give birth to a not overwhelmingly large but usually, a manageable 8-15 young.

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_040412_by_GS_pic2

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_040412_by_GS_pic6

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_040412_by_GS_pic7

Molting to 2.instar:
Keep the brooding mom well hydrated with at least 40% of the substrate surface moist and temperature at around 85-90F. Within 3-5 days from birth, the young will molt and achieve 2.instar

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic2

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic4

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic3

2.instar dismounted from mom's back:
Tityus stigmurus' young are fairly quick to dismount from their mom's back, the fastest i have experienced before is within 24 hours after their first molt to 2.instar. All of the young would have usually dismounted naturally by the fourth day.

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic6

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic7

Housing 2-3.instar :
Pill bottles of 4cm diameter and 8cm height would suffice for raising 2-3.instar scorplings.
Simple provide a vertical climb and mist a corner of the bottle every 3-5 days. As you can notice, the substrate color is dark brown and always slightly dampen as the young would require more moisture during it's growth.

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_110512_pic1

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_110512_pic2

Housing for 4-6.instar :
Pill bottles of 6cm base diameter and 9cm height may be used for 4-6.instar specimens. This would suffice as the minimum requirement for a single specimen.

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_by_GS_200612_pic5

Communal concerns:
Like the saying goes, any scorpions are communal until they are not. Communal setups are possible but my recommendation is to start at least from 4.instar onwards. Provide lots of hiding places by stacking bark pieces together (not necessarily vertical placement) and provide a shallow water dish (e.g. a bottle cap with small pebbles as bedding would suffice).

If you are just starting to breed a colony of Tityus stigmurus, it's best to house your specimens individually until they start "popping". Once you have a steady colony/supply, you may keep adults communally. As and when, as you see a brood on their backs, just proceed to "fish out" those brooding females.

2.instar (pre-molt) VS 3.instar (freshly molted):

[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_110512_pic5


[ASA] Tityus stigmurus caresheet Tityus_stigmurus_110512_pic3

Growth Rate:
1.instar >> 2.instar: 05 days
2.instar >> 3.instar: 30 days
3.instar >> 4.instar: 35 days
4.instar >> 5.instar: 42 days
5.instar >> 6.instar: 65 days

Duration to achieve reproductive maturity:
Female (6.instar): 177 days or 6 months +/-

Brooding dates for adults:
- First brood: less then 90 days after attaining maturity
- Subsequent broods: between 60 to 80 days

Husbandry / Keeping Conditions:
[ASA] Bark Scorpions' Caresheet


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