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About time I say hello~

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Topic About time I say hello~

Post by Necromance on Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:52 am

I'm not great with introductions so I've been putting it off... I'm freelancer from California currently living in upstate New York. I'm known to spend most of my time drawing, painting, and playing videogames; but admittedly, arthropods are my passion. I've been collecting fossils since I was a toddler and that includes living fossils. I am currently 20 years old but my childish love for "bugs" -as my mom would say- have never faded. I am known to prefer the company of creepy crawlies rather than that of small mammals (unless we're talking about bats of course), however I will admit that I love cats and dogs as well as things with scales, warts, or eight legs.

Currently, I am the owner of a single lovely p. imperator. 
About time I say hello~ Img_2010

oops...perhaps make that 8... (as of September 30th - October 2nd) <3

About time I say hello~ Img_2011
and while I absolutely adore my scorpion(s), I am also new to owning them. I'm more experienced in keeping tarantulas and animals like toads or snakes. I joined this forum to learn more about keeping them properly. While I do have my own instincts, I always want what's the best for my creatures and I plan to spoil them! I don't know many people in person who can really look at my scorpion without cringing or making rude comments so I find a lot of comfort on forums like these and I enjoy the company of fellow arachnerds. So don't be afraid to say hello or even request commissions! I'm busy sometimes but I always respond to people no matter what!

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Topic Re: About time I say hello~

Post by ShredderEmp on Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:24 am

I know exactly how it feels to be the only one who finds scorpions cool and fun. That is why I joined forums!
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Topic Re: About time I say hello~

Post by voldemort on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:34 am

age is just a number, always keep the curious child inside of us


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Topic Re: About time I say hello~

Post by yames on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:42 am

Welcome to the forum I hope you find it useful. Congrats on your brood.

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Topic Re: About time I say hello~

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