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Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi

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Topic Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi

Post by GS on Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:23 pm

Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi.

Sexual dimorphism of the chela is significant from 6.instar at both sexes.

Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics16

Females: Their chela is able to close fully with no gaps in between the tibia and tarsus

Males: They have a noticeable gap between the tibia and tarsus when the chela is fully closed.

- Sexing is NOT accurate by trying to observe a more bulbous chela which supposingly belongs to an adult male:

- Sexing is NOT accurate by comparing pectine tooth counts, due to the overlapping figures between males and females

- Yes, by comparing a 6.instar pair, a male's chela might be slightly more bulbous than the female:
Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic4

- but as the female attains 7.instar, the size of the female's chela easily "overwhelm" a males' in terms of a bulbous outlook:
Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics3

Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics2


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