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[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet

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Topic [ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet

Post by GS on Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:22 am

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic11

This Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet documents how I have been raising these magnificent looking bark scorpions. Under the conditions recorded below, my specimens are raised from young instar and later on, paired up as adults successfully. Thankfully, they have blessed me with multiple broods through generations under my care. Hence, i would like to share this success with fellow scorpions' enthusiasts in promoting pure captive breed & born specimens.

Rhopalurus garridoi (Armas, 1974)

Bark Scorpion

Day: 86°F - 89.6°F (30 - 32°C )
Night: 77°F - 82.4°F (25 - 28°C)

50-60 %

Male (6.instar): 6.2cm +/-
Female (7.instar): 7.8cm +/-

As compared to their "cousin", Rhopalurus junceus, R.garridoi have translucent legs at early instar and the their color morphs progressively towards a pale orange in color as adults. Personally, I love their colorings as the lighter coloring resembles desert species', similar to their adaptability to drier enclosure conditions.

Appearance of early instar of Rhopalurus garridoi:
[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_pic1

Appearance of an adult Rhopalurus garridoi:
[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_pic3

Age of sexual maturity:
Rhopalurus garridoi attains sexual maturity at 6.instar for males and 7.instar for females. It is rare but possible for females to reach 8.instar.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic4

Sexual dimorphism:
Similar to Rhopalurus junceus, sexual dimorphism of Rhopalurus garridoi appears from 6.instar onwards.
For more details on sexing Rhopalurus garridoi >> Sexing Rhopalurus garridoi

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics16

Mating an adult pair of Rhopalurus garridoi:
Although a 6.instar R.garridoi female may accept the courtship dance from a 6.instar R.garridoi male, it might not be a fruitful mating session as the ideal age of a mating pair is having the female at 7.instar.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic13

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic5

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic6

Video documentation of the mating occurrence:

Breeding Project Vid 1 (Available in 1080p HD):

Rhopalurus garridoi's spermatophore:

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic9

Gestation period:
Gestation period of Rhopalurus garridoi may ranged between 2.5 to 5 months.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_pic5

Factors affecting the gestation period:
Gestation duration may be affected by the conditions which the gravid Rhopalurus garridoi was being kept in. Generally, a rule of thumb is to keep her well fed and in the deal temperature suggested above.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic10

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic3

Documentation on signs of embryos:

Visibility of the embryos is clearly seen for a gravid specimens, usually highly obvious between 1-2 months prior to birthing.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic7

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic8

Measurement taken for the 7.instar mum:

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic12

Birthing of 1.instars:

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic1

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_pic6

Double clutch of the 7.instar sisters who were mated around the same time.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_pic8

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_pic18

The first molt to 2.instar:
Rhopalurus garridoi babies will go though their very first molt to 2.instar in approximately 4-6 days from birth.

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics11

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics5

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics10

Growth rate:
The following are some references of the molting intervals. Do note that there might be variation as they are influenced by factors such as the environmental conditions which they have been kept in and the intensity of their feeding schedule.

Molting internals:
1.instar to 2.instar >> 4-6 days
2.instar to 3.instar >> 20-30 days
3.instar to 4.instar >> 25-40 days
4.instar to 5.instar >> 30-45 days
5.instar to 6.instar >> 35-75 days
6.instar to 7.instar >> 60-90 days

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_180912_pics1

Generally, for the overall husbandry for keeping Rhopalurus garridoi, you refer to the following caresheet:
[ASA] Bark Scorpions' Caresheet

However, do note that they have different requirement when it comes down to humidity. Recommended humidity is between 50-60% as Rhopalurus garridoi is pretty much prone to mycosis just like any other desert scorpions.

Sample of mycosis in Rhopalurus garridoi:
[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet Rhopalurus_garridoi_by_GS_100213_pic2

Prevention is better than searching for a cure, I would recommend keeping R.garridoi on dry coco fibre. Ensure that unrestricted ventilation is provided for their enclosure.

Water provision:
Younger instars (2-4.instar) are generally more tolerant to higher humidity and you may provide them with water by misting a corner of their enclosure on a weekly basis. I would say, not more than 35% of the substrate surface should be kept moist at all times.

For 5-7.instar specimens, in order not to raise the humidity of their enclosure, i would recommend you to provide a small bottle cap (on a weekly basic) for water provisioning instead.

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[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet GS_Siggy8
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Topic Re: [ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet

Post by GS on Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:24 am

*Reserved post for more pictures and videos on Rhopalurus garridoi Smile

[ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet GS_Siggy8
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Topic Re: [ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet

Post by lazydonut on Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:28 pm

Hey GS!
How many babies can come from one pregnancy in R. garridoi i have a female im considering to breed. Thank you

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Topic Re: [ASA] Rhopalurus garridoi caresheet

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