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Androctonus Mauretanicus

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Topic Androctonus Mauretanicus

Post by ommelette on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:56 pm

Just got my A. Mauretanicus in the mail, a big thanks to Johnny Spadix for shipping them so well both made the trip safely.

This one immediately went for water
Androctonus Mauretanicus  IMG_0961_zpsulevpcit

Androctonus Mauretanicus  IMG_0963_zpsscceidrt

Finishing off a cricket, both ate their cricket so I'm glad they aren't too shaken from the trip

Androctonus Mauretanicus  IMG_0966_zpskqraifnc

larger shot with the rest of her enclosure
Androctonus Mauretanicus  IMG_0965_zpsdxduvsj2

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