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Post by GS on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:05 pm


Dear Forumers,

Many of us keep scorpions of different species, but none of us can own all the scorpion in the world. Hence, i believe that what brings us hobbyist together, is through the sharing of experience/knowledge in what each of us has in possession. There may be multiple caresheets available online but do not shy away from contributing. Different keepers have their own methods in achieving success in their breeding projects. What sets the difference will be the documentation and sharing of your very own projects.

The idea of [ASA] is about sharing your personal experience and NOT compiling other peoples' data and observations and put it as your own. However, if there's certain scientific referencing that needs to be done, please ensure that the sources are referenced properly.

We thank you in advance for your interest and contributions Smile


1. To promote proper husbandry for specific Scorpion species

2. To inculcate info-sharing between fellow hobbyist

3. To facilitate bonding within the community


It is an awesome documentation if you have started a breeding project by getting young scorpions (e.g. 2.instar) and raise them to adulthood but i understand for some keepers, they prefer to start by purchasing an adult pair (which are ready to mate) or even better, to purchase a gravid female! Hence, it is not much of a concern of which stage you begin with, but in order to compile a more holistic write-up based on your personal experience, you should complete at least one breeding cycle and documented the following (as much as possible):

- Raised a group of young scorpions from juvenile/sub-adults to full adulthood
- Successfully sexed a pair of spciemens
- Mated an adult pair
- Allowed the gravid female to undergo the full gestation period
- Gravid female has a brood and the scorplings have successfully molted to 2.instar and dismounted from her back

Do include as much picture documentation as possible. Admit it! we are all visual animals Laughing


Below are some essential contents should be address to within your specie's write-up:
Let it be a simple reference. Please feel free to add more as required.

1. Scientific name / Common name

2. Origin / Distribution

3. Sexing
(e.g. how to differentiate male and female)

4. Breeding
(e.g. mating related information, Gestation period)

5. Husbandry
(e.g. methods/ enclosure settings you use to keep them in captivity)

6. References
(e.g. If you have quoted something from a publish scientific works of others, do give credits when it's due)


1. Interested parties please contact me via PM on your intention to be part of this contributing community

2. Once we have vet through your article and you may proceed to post up your write-up

4. If you have any clarifications or if you require help, do check with the Admins.



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