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[ASA] Centruroides nigrescens caresheet

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Topic [ASA] Centruroides nigrescens caresheet

Post by GS on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:07 pm

Dear Hobbyist,

This article is going through a content update. Stay tuned to ASA's News and on for the official launch Smile


[ASA] Centruroides nigrescens caresheet

[ASA] Centruroides nigrescens caresheet Centruroides_nigrescens_by_GSscoprions82_pic9

Centruroides nigrescens (Pocock, 1898)


Size of adults:
Males: 10cm +/-
Females: 8 cm +/-


Centruroides nigrescens have a relatively calm nature and are very sensitive to movements around them. When dealing with their preys, they are quick to deliver a sting or multiple stings to bring down resisting prey, while in the face of danger (e.g. towards their predators) they are likely to be evasive and will seek refuge in between bark pieces. Owing to their high speed, they usually have no issues escaping into tiny crevices between bark pieces within a split second.

Growth and Maturity:
Very hardy/ adaptable scorpion to raise. I've raised broods of young's to adulthood with zero deaths.
They are pretty fast growers and may attain adulthood in less then 6-8 months from birth. Males usually matures at 7.instar but some at 6.instar. Female usually matures at 7.instar but may go up to 8.instar.

Observations in the their color morph:
As you can see from the picture below which shows a Centruroides nigrescens's mom carrying her new born babies on her back. There is a complete coloration difference!

Throughout their life-cycle, this specie undergoes a dramatic change in color from gray-orange as young scorplings (1-4.instar) to full matt black coloration as adults (6-7.instar):

The complete color morph takes transition between 4 to 5.instar: A freshly molted 5.instar specimen is greyish-brown in appearance and will darkens further as it approaches 6.instar:

Adults of have a magnificent matt-black coloration with a slight tint of blue:

Adult male:

Adult female:

Sexual dimorphism:
In comparison of the two gender, male's metasomal segments are elongated as compared to female's. In adiition, males's body mass is also more slender as compared to a bulkier body mass of females. This sexual dimorphism is much more significant at 6.instar, which is when the sexual dimorphism of male's elongated tail with a more slender body is prominent, hence attaining the highest accuracy in sexing the pair.

Mating an adult pair:
A fresh adult pair would readily proceed with mating once the male is introduced to a female's enclosure. Mating would usually last from 15-30mins depending on the male's capabiity of securing his spermatophore on a piece of bark/slate.

Gestation Period:
4 months +/-

Litter Size:
They are capable of having a large brood of up to 50 young's or may give birth to a smaller brood of 20 +/- which each scorpling are of the larger size and built.

The birth of 1.instar:

2.instar [freshly molted]:
Molted to 2.instar after 4 days from birth:

2.instar [5 days after molting]:
As their exoskeleton has harden up, the young gains confidence to wander further and further away from their mom:

Feeding the young:
After 1 week after their recent molt to 2.instar, their exoskeleton are hardened up and the young can be offered food:

Size comparison of 2.instar:
Centruroides nigrescens' young are one of the larger bark scorpions that can reach about 1.8cm just as they were 2.instar. Hence, making it easier to offer feeders of larger size.

The following are some specific statistic for your reference only

Size observation (average statistic): (To be updated soon)
1.instar >> cm
2.instar >> cm
3.instar >> cm
4.instar >> cm
5.instar >> cm
6.instar >> cm
7.instar >> cm

Life-cycle observation (average statistic): (To be updated soon)
1.instar >> 2.instar: X days
2.instar >> 3.instar: X days
3.instar >> 4.instar: X days
4.instar >> 5.instar: X days
5.instar >> 6.instar: X days
6.instar >> 7.instar: X days (female)

Total duration to achieve full maturity (average statistic): (To be updated soon)
Male (6.instar): X days / X months
Female (7.instar): X days / X months

Husbandry / Keeping Conditions:
Raising Bark Scorpions [ Basic Caresheet ]

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