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Is this A.australis ready for breeding?

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Topic Is this A.australis ready for breeding?

Post by Bucky90 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:50 pm

Hello Smile
I have a couple of a.australis, both have the same size, and I would like to try a breeding.
Unfortunately the guy from whom I got the scorpions didn't know exactly at which instar they are, so my questions are:

1) Can you get, from the picture I have uploaded, at which instar is it? In my opinion they are not ready yet for the breeding, but I'm not sure.
(The ruler is in cm)

2) If they are not at their last moult and I move them together, are there chances they won't get super aggressive at each other instantly so I can move them apart? I've never put two Androctonus together in the same enclosure and so I'm not sure how fast they are trying to kill each other if they are not ready to breed.

Thanks in advance!

Is this A.australis ready for breeding? 20150410


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